Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rest Of The Best Of The Rest

No time to open a bottle after a day when the rest of our plants arrived in the garden.The last three bottles tried were still half-corked in the cellar. All three I placed on the table in the garden, and from a distance, it would have made the neighbour think I was on a binge!
First one was the wine opened 3 days ago..Männle...which had been lying on it's side..and I thought..get this one out of the way..the 2 newer examples will be better. How wrong...still all there..maybe a touch freshness missing..but a real surprise. The perfect wine for when you get told 'One Glass A Day'(I have BIG glasses Doctor).
Next up..Hauvette..which had been standing..with half a glass in there..and it was taking on a slightly metal touch..I didn't continue with it.
Last..was the ABC from the day before..and this powerpack was certainly holding up...
Usually when I leave bottles with the thought of trying them a day later...well... I weaken and open something new. This was a pleasant surprise.

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