Thursday, May 01, 2008

German Riesling Prize Winner

What do you drink after such a good previous evening?......nothing you could say...and it might have crossed my mind...until.....the smell of Sauerkraut drifted past my nostrils....and we have been here before...the best 'marriage' a Riesling....and it just so happens I have a bottle of the 2008 prize winner for German Rieslings of the 2006 Vintage that needed trying I HAD to open I convincing anybody?...and as I found out after opening is Father's Day(which my family say we don't celebrate) this is my present to me.

Emrich-Schönleber Monzinger Halenberg
Großes Gewächs 2006
Nahe, Germany may know...young dry
Riesling is not something I
am good at... even after 30 years
of this wine guzzling... give me a
2 year-old Bordeaux with
tannin and I will be able to
give you advice on when to
drink it etc... but the acidity in
some of the younger Riesling wines
is not exactly stomach friendly. worries here...

Classy..from start to finish...
nose nowhere near
compact and deep..minerally..
some pineapple and citrus fruits..
all enticing and telling you that
patience is a virtue..very soon..
On the palate..again..that compact
feeling..all so
well balanced..
juicy......and the acidity...racy..
perfectly problems
for me..the whole filled the mouth..
plenty of verve and vibrancy......
best young Riesling I have had?..
I am no expert..but probably yes.
later...who knows...ask an expert!!!!


Edward said...

Only if there's a sausage somewhere as well!

Barry said...

Three sausages..2 liver and one BLOOD!!!which shouldn't worry a doctor