Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Breast Dreams

I have this recurring dream..I am being breast-fed by this buxom lady...the right one has Pinot Noir and the left..Spätburgunder. I am too young to differentiate..but both taste great. I can't wait to grow up in this dream and learn to appreciate what that baby is missing. My psychiatrist tells me I should change my drinking habits once in a while..that should help. Listen 'Mr. Couchman'...I think I would have more problems if I was starved of it..the grape I mean...

The last non Pinot/Spätburgunder was over a month ago..and that was a Zinfandel...hang on..I did drink a Chardonnay...but you know what I mean..so...managed to pull the cork of this wine from the south of France.
50% Grenache, 30% Syrah & 20% Cabernet Sauvigon (can't imagine that lady with this mix..and I am certainly not gonna dream about Châteauneuf-du-Pape with a possible 13 grape varieties!!!)

Domaine Hauvette

Les Baux de Provence rouge 2001
Provence, France
Light meaty nose..some cassis and raspberry..animal aromas..some balsamic..earthy..very soft opening mouthful..gentle Provence spices..elegant....this would have gone with the salmon from the previous post..but I was worried it would be too tannic..not the case...very discrete..a cool style that the French do so well..imagine a cross between a Bordeaux and a
Châteauneuf-du-Pape....and you would end up with this.
Points 17.25


Edward said...

Disturbing, but hilarious!

Joe said...

I could never work something so "titillating" into my work...

Mi Paraiso said...

I too have enjoyed mdme.hauvette's wine o we were in St.Remy. we actually went to mdm. hauvette's vineyard, shook hands with her and purchased 2 cases.
I was wondering where can I buy hauvette in the us. Thank you.