Sunday, March 09, 2008

No Doubting Dautel

I re-ordered some of the good wines tasted recently
from Württemberg..unfortunately..after paying the invoice..
the shop informed me 2 bottles were out-of-stock.
I told them to surprise me with 2 of their choice.
The wine below is one of them.
At first I thought it was the 'S' version which had been
enjoyable but not one I had planned to try again.
Double checking I realised this was the 'simple' version...
about Euros 8 less in price.
As often happens..the lesser wine can show better in it's youth..
and here is an example.

Dautel Spätburgunder **** trocken 2005 Wurttemberg, Germany
Pulled the cork and smiled..I was paid back immediately..
Pale colour, this is for now..sweet, juicy,
smoky, bowl of forest fruits...easy on the palate, slim-line style...almost gulpable..(would I gulp......noooooooooo)..but it is real easy to drink..and a good finish.

Points 16+


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, German wine, it always seems elusive and I'm not sure why. I love them. During my wine education I spent an afternoon tasting through 24 years of German Rieslings and it was blissful. I need to seek out as German wines more as they now have so much to offer. Thanks for reminding me.

monkey said...

great blog i am a younger drinker of this great taste. im looking for a great Zinfandel, if you have any ideas please i would love to hear them.

Barry said...

I'll say Hi Noble....yes.. I guess I am lucky living in Germany about now..some wonderful wines.Unfortunately..they are difficult to buy abroad..and when available..they are over priced usually. Maybe this will change..although I am in no hurry...

Barry said...

Hi Monkey..thanks for the comments.
I'm glad you put the emphasise on 'great' many mid-priced wines are decent, but unexciting.
If you want something special..
Ravenswood, Teldeschi Vineyard...
Ridge, Lytton Springs...and
Seghesio, Old Vine...
all 3 excellent choices..try the Vintage 2005..