Friday, March 14, 2008

Memorable Pinot Tasting

This is gonna hurt you dear weren't there..but I hope to make you more envious with the following post...

Three friends round to dinner..and the chance to offer them some great Pinots.

I hoped they would show well..but they were better than that...

Au Bon Climat 'Santa Barbara' Chardonnay 2006
California, U.S.A.
The guys were all over the place with this starter...and were dumbfounded to be told it was from California..and a Chardonnay. I guess the main reason is the 'old' days of over-oaked Chardonnays...and it's also been a while since I last ventured into that territory.
This was fresh..oak is used...but from used barrels..flinty..creamy..pears and peaches..stylish wine.....bright, heavyweight is subtle and had a good finish...and was mouth-filling.
This was decanted 2 hours beforehand..and benefited from this. It still needs a year for it to gell..
Points 16+

I had decided on the order we would try the three Pinots...and luckily it worked out..
All were decanted 2 hours before we got our hands on them!! The wines were served blind.

We each had a large Burgundy glass...rather than a separate glass for each wine..and kept going back to the one that appealed to check again.
That works fine if the grape is the same....

Domaine Marie-Thérèse Chappaz à Fully
Grain Pinot Les Esserts 2004
Wallis, Switzerland
What a start! My first thought..oh.oh...
you have begun with the winner...
Creamy, vanilla, roasted aromas...
a bowl of red juicy..a fruit-driven wine..smooth on the palate..
just a delight to drink..
perfect from start to finish.
Points 17.5+

Fürst Bürgstadter Centgrafenberg Spätburgunder 'R' 2005
Franken, Germany
Nose of raspberries and cherries..and that
'marzipan' feeling I get when drinking fine Pinot..
meatier than the Swiss wine..but still with an
elegance and first it seemed 'flat' after
the juiciness of the first wine..but with
every sip it opened..a dense palate..tannins
sweet and ripe..and a classy long finish.
Points 18.5

Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir 'Isabelle Morgan'
Blue Label 2005
Santa Barbara County, California, U.S.A.
Darker colour...very intense nose..thick..
not 'typical' Pinot..this is a complex wine...
I was reminded of eucalyptus..
a mix of flavours bounced on the tongue..
ripe, sweet thick Pinot...
a real pleasure now..
but a sleeping giant.
Points 18+

As you can see..not much between them....
Volker gave them all 18 for various reasons..and Robert..marking in the 100 Points system(didn't realise he could count that high)..he gave them all mid 90's..with the Swiss wine in front. I mentioned..the white wine was decanted....and on the evening I commented how good RED wines look in a decanter..and whites..well...not so good.

Maybe my choice of decanter didn't help.!!


RougeAndBlanc said...

Besides sharing wines your highly enjoyed, the decanters you used are really unique. Beautiful stuff.

Lyle Fass said...

Awfully young don't you think for Furst? Paull says five years at least before you broach. I will let my two sleep. How was the oak?

Barry said...

Andrew...I bought loads of decanters 20 years's nice to use them once in a while.

Lyle..young..yes..but was just so great to drink..the oak was well integrated..there were no negative comments from the tasters..
I tasted the 2004 a few weeks ago( which was nowhere near like this gem.
I have bought another 3 you..I will TRY to let them sleep.
It recently won 2nd Prize in the Annual Pinot Noir Cup