Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bratwürst & Pinot

Holger Koch Pinot Noir 'R' Special Selection,
Baden, Germany

My guess is...everyone in the you German
speaker or not..knows what Bratwürst is
(you only get the dots over the ü.. on a German's called an Umlaut..end of lesson).
Simply fried in the pan...some toasted dark bread...and..well..usually a normal mustard..but I have a secret..I use the Bavarian mustard only used when eating Weisswürst(white sausage..eaten by the Bavarians BEFORE midday..end of second lesson).
The mustard is a touch sweet..gorgeous with good Bratwürst!..
What better 'marriage'..than something soft and that is...a Pinot matches perfectly.
This one is from Holger Koch..and is a special selection for the merchant..

Pale colour...what else..docile at first..needed a good whiff of air..quite a complex aroma of black berries..this follows on to the palate..spicy...see..perfect Würst wine...minerals hover in the background..this is still young..and is in the mid-price it gets a

Points 16 +

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