Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Zealand Pinot Noir # 3

A sinner is saved!...or maybe I wasn't that bad after all..otherwise the run of 'ordinary' Pinot from New Zeeland would have maybe continued..

Joking aside...I am glad that finally something visited my palate that made my grin wider.

Isabel Estate Reserve Pinot Noir 2004
Marlborough, New Zeeland

Two rules that usually mean a good wine

1.Even when it is should still be able to see the basis for a good wine

2.Any wine that starts..has a middle.. and finishes with the same feel and balance...has never disappointed.

Both true with this wine..although it is very drinkable should fill worth laying down..or maybe it should be standing it is a screw cap.

Point 2 is even more applicable..this smells, tastes and finishes without any waves or hurdles that deter from it's pleasure.

A real sweet strawberry smell...spicy and even a touch seductive..constant throughout...exotic flavour, marzipan thick fruit...with fine soft tannins...and a very pleasant fruit driven finish..

This reminded me in style of Dr Heger's Spätburgunder from Baden which is indeed a compliment.
Points 17+

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Edward said...


What a fine return to drinking form, though it sounds like the wines have let you down (with the exception of the reliable Isabel).