Monday, November 19, 2007

Walking The Vineyards

I've walked the vineyards in Romanee-Conti..
I've been to the Chateau in Cheval Blanc...
and when I drink these is somehow
a little special.
Well..on our recent trip to the Black Forest..we walked the vineyards in Waldulm...Karl Hodapp has some vines behind his Gasthouse and we inspected the grapes (albeit the 2007 vintage)
He kindly gave me a bottle of his 2005...50cl to be a present. (Why aren't there more wines in this size..perfect for one person)

Waldumer Roter
Barrique Trocken (Spätburgunder)
Selection Karl Hodapp
Baden, Germany
Fresh Pinot with a strong berry aroma..some cherries; soft tannins in marriage with the
sweet fruit..spicy..charming..
good finish.
Points 16.5 point less than the Yakka Jack...but a wine I would enjoy at any I's down to tastes and styles


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've never seen a 50ml bottle. I wonder how such a small bottle ages

Mark V Marino said...

Hello Barry,
I agree there are many more good wines these days as in years past. I am although much more adept at getting them then in years past. I believe it intersting to keep journals as years later it is quite eye opening to see how much your preferences change. I just opened one from 1981 and was suprised how many more whites I drank back then. Romanee Conti wow what a fantastic wine did you know Hanzell is planted on their wood? Sonoma, CA, it was planted back in 1953 with the help of Paul Mason and Martin Ray! Now registered the Hanzell Clone by UCD....what you are not arrestted for eventually makes you famous!