Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Mark Of Quality

Jürgen von der Mark rented the vineyard in contains 35 year-old vines...and his first vintage was concentrated & full (the vintage). The following year the wine became more elegant..and the 2005 is perhaps how he wants the wine to remain.
He lets the quality of the vines speak and the wine is given as little 'help' as necessary.
The old saying' a little is more' is a perfect description.
Those eagle-eyed will note a Xmas card as background to the bottle on the right..IT'S NOVEMBER!!!!!!! signed..Scrooge.

Jürgen von der Mark Pinot Noir 2005
Lied an den Mond
Bad Bellingen, Baden Germany
Pale colour; wild strawberry nose, very aromatic; medium bodied, lovely mouthful, soft, velvety and fine with just a nudge of oak, very elegant..this dances on the tongue..and the music is Mozart ..not Wagner.
Even drinking it with the ice weather can imagine cooling this in summer..get out the Bar-B-Q....oh man.. I'm dreaming already and winter has only just started!
Points 17.5

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