Thursday, November 29, 2007

Olé Olé Olé Un Buen Chardonnay

For those not familiar with Europa—Mallorca (pronounced Ma-Yor-Ka.. only Homer Simpsons' say Mall-Orka) is an island where my 'youth' went on holiday for wine, women and song..( Beer actually..I was oblivious to the grape back then).
Times have changed...over recent years the drunks etc.have been told they are not welcome..and the wine ain't bad nowadays.

Miguel Gelabert Chardonnay2004
Mallorca, Spain
Fermented in new French oak casks and matured for 6 months.
Reserved oak nose..some vanilla and excellent balance in the mouth..oak held in place by the natural fruit..never feels heavy...citrus and tropical fruits..some butter and cream. This is really delicious and a pleasure to go back to..very good next day as well. The price is maybe hefty (30 Euros = $ 44) and at times I said..not a re-buy..then you taste again..and maybe it is worth an odd bottle again.

Points 17.5

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