Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knipser Riesling 2003

About a month ago Volker and myself went to the
annual Künstler tasting in Hochheim..he has recently moved in a large villa...very posh..
There is always a guest 'vigneron'..
and this year it was Knipser..Rheinland-Pfalz.
We waded though Künstler's Rieslings..
for me mouth-puckering at times

(Volker is a better taster of these babies)..
whether they will be worth the prices he now charges..we will have to wait and see.

Knipser's selections were mainly Vintage 2004.
and I was not overly impressed. In the middle of all the had stood out for us both ( was it the alcohol..or were our taste-buds still intact?).
We split a 6 pack...and left.

Recently Volker asked me..if I had ever gotten some Knipser wine for him
(DOH!!..his memory is going). I said we had purchased at the tasting.
So..a couple of days after this wife prepared
some Sauerkraut and Liver Sausage at home..and a Riesling was required.

Knipser Riesling Auslese Trocken Halbstück 2003
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
This spends it's infancy in 600
Liter 10-Year-Old Oak Barrels.
Citrus fruit aromas, melons and peaches, AND..petroleum!!
( I'm often seen down the local petrol station..inhaling)
Ripe fruit, very clear definition, full, again citrus acidity
but the fruit (Restsüße) just wraps it up to present a
super Riesling...minerals and spices and a long finish
make this a bargain ( about 15 Euros if I remember)

Points 17.5

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Ich wusste es !!!
You are the elephantbrain!
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