Wednesday, November 14, 2007

J.J. Adeneuer Frühburgunder 2006

Frühburgunder is a clone of the Spätburgunder grape..a sort of 'early' Pinot.
It is trickier to grow than
it's big brother..and you probably won't find it outside of Germany..
only 130 hectares are grown.

J.J. Adeneuer Frühburgunder 2006
Ahr, Germany

Pale denying it's what it is..
Family Pinot..this is good stuff..
sweet(as opposed to mouth puckering),
full, velvety............tannin..forget it..
this is 100% juicy fruit..but more than a 'gulper'.
Take this seriously..lots of harmony, some
liquorice is said these wines can age 6-8 years..and I can believe it..only trouble is..
this was the 5th bottle of a 6er pack!..
You know how it go into the cellar..
something with pasta...or a cold platter....
and the long bottle is more visible than others..
anyway..that's my excuse.

Points 17

As we near the end of 2007...this vineyard was
tops for price-quality..all 4 of the wines I drank
were excellent in their price range.

Here the other notes
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