Friday, September 07, 2007

Hedonistic or Head-On-A-Stick?

My other hobby is music..soul music to be exact. A friend is going to open a restauarant and asked me to put together some music to be played in the new venture. I did it with pleasure..and a few days later he thanked me with a present...this half-bottle from his private cellar
Jasper Hill Georgia's Paddock
Heathcote Syrah 1998
Victoria, Australia

Dense purple-red..remember..this is now 9 years old; aromas of chocolate, mocca and mixed spices and liquorice; my first thought after tasting was...dry port..and alcohol..I checked the bottle..15.5% !!!!..prunes and plums on the palate, dry tannins, good long finish. It was an experience which I would accept as a present..but buy it...I doubt it....and I was thankful it was only a half-bottle. I guess some would call this 'hedonistic'.I have never been a great lover of the UPFRONT Australian style of reds...a Syrah from the Rhone would have a better balance and certainly more elegance.
Points 17.5....because it is a fine wine..just not the style I want to give more points to....

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Edward said...

15.5% is a bit too much, even for this antipodean!