Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sushi Shirt

Not been drinking many 'new' wines
recently as my mum is over from the UK...a visit we have now extended. She has been fed various German dishes and a few 'first-timers' and she is now dashing up and down the stairs. He daily injection of Botox seems to be working..and the Oil of Olay company have been in touch! A sprightly 83..she is pictured here beside..or should it be inside..our 'man-eating red bottle-washer' tree.
And so to the wine for the evening...this is seldom for me..a Pinot Noir from Alsace....the last one I tasted was...well..centuries ago!
I still have 2 bottles of Hugel's 1985 which I will open one day (liar!)..but am afraid I will be poisoned..or maybe I will find a gorgeous soft Pinot..which will fade after the first gulp.
Anyway..back to this one.

We were eating Sushi & Sashimi ( say.. you don't eat raw fish )..look dear readers.. I am not holding a piece of live cod..killing it..and tearing it to pieces bit by bit. Sushi is probably one of the most healthy types of food there is. Salmon sashimi was part of the selection..and I like to try light reds with some fish( the white wine hadn't arrived to be honest ). If you are going to have the wasabi..then stick to Riesling or Gewurztraminer or a Condrieu.

The photo on the left was my 'starter'..while waiting for the Sushi..small filled peppers and dried tomatoes in oil.

I had ordered a mixed case of wines...and decided to try this 'cheap' Pinot ..9 Euros...from an up and coming vineyard in Alsace.

Nicolas Wittmann now runs the vineyard..with father André always there to help and advise.
André Wittmann Pinot Noir 2004
Mittelbergheim, Alsace, France
Terrible label...
the label colour you wouldn't be seen dead in (not true.I have a shirt like this somewhere).
This resided in small oak barrels from Burgundy..and spent 6 months in this temporary home. Medium deep gradual colour; dusty nose, developed sweet raspberry..but that was reserved ( the merchant's notes had said 'unbelievable bouquet' of us has a problem!); flavoury, elegant...easy quaffing wine..just enough to keep me interested.
Points 14.5

PS...I get asked why all the wines I drink are between 16-18 points...well...I am not gonna buy them if they are not!... this was a one-off try...

PPS..I found the shirt..looks better on than off..

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Joe said...

for our grand white wine tasting last night (stay tuned) I served sushi and sashimi. I definitely agree with your comments re: the salmon and Pinot. I get the same questions re: my ratings - I have to pay for these wines (unlike Decanter, WS and RP)! If someone wants to start giving me wine you might see a few 12 pt wines...