Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 25th Dom - Vintage Champagne

When do you drink Champagne? When you are celebrating.....seems to be the general usage.
Every time I have drunk a good bottle..I threaten myself to buy more but never do. I get the odd bottle as a present..that's about it. I do, however, have 3 bottles of Dom Perignon in the cellar. Vintages 1982. 1985 & 1993. These age longer than any other Champagne house along with Krug. My most memorable Champagne memory is a Magnum of Krug..drank with a friend about 20 years ago..accompanied by 36 Oysters..extravagant I know..but try it one time in your life!
Anyway..the total of Dom's has been reduced by one..was I celebrating..well..sort of.. my mum is staying a little longer with us, my soccer team ( Manchester City ) is second in the English Premier league, the newspaper article was a success..and..well..
the bottle is now 25 years old!
Moët et Chandon Dom Perignon 1982
Champagne, France

When to drink this style..Now or Never could be the answer..maybe this was a few years past it's best..but if you check the expert's notes..even in the mid 90's they were saying it was just reaching it's peak. So..how was it..

Cork had lost the thickness one associates with Champagne..but was firm..and came out with a plop rather than a pop! Very good colour, golden..still a lively pour..small fine bubbles...which disappeared fairly quickly; smoky, touch of oak,..some honey; very good mouthful..again cream..with an elegant prickle reminding you this is still a Champagne, no sign of deteriation even after 90 minutes. As I divulged each glass (slim Champagne glass..see photo )..the wine changed..sometimes I liked it more..
How do you mark it?....some drinkers would say it is TOO mature..the French rarely drink their Champagne very old..the Brits tend to lay them down..even a normal bottle will be given a year or two..from experience this does improve many a 'Fizzy' one.
OK...it was a fine bottle..very interesting..and at times very good..so
Points 17.5 – 18

Perfect companion for Champagne is smoked salmon...
we had wild Irish salmon and some smoked trout.


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Joe said...

Awesome bottle, Barry. I have virtually no champagne in the cellar, and none that are ageworthy.