Friday, September 14, 2007

Spanish Chew

Divus 2003 Bodegas Bleda
Jumilla, Spain
5% Merlot in the mix..which is what Merlot came into this world for..and in this the perfect foil for the tannic Monastrell (95%). Perfect hand-selected grapes from 30-year old vines..they spend 18 months in new French oak barrels. how is it after all this care...
PURPLE!!'ll scare the baby if you smile after drinking this; animal aromas, meaty, dry port, chocolate and a whiff of the alcohol(14%); softish opening..then the tannins hit you..plenty to chew here....but as is the case..the second glass is easier..your palate has adapted and the air is helping, sweet fruit trying to emerge from the power tannins, good finish.
Points 17.....bound to earn more in the future...try decanting it for 12 hours.


Joe said...

12 Hours? I have never done that before. Is that Monastrell/Mourvedre general comment?

Barry said...

Not really Joe..I can't remember tasting one like is just so concentrated and 'thick'...crying out for airing