Friday, September 21, 2007

Salwey at Navette

A new chef in a hotel restaurant.....having heard his previous abode had been good..we decided to try his new venture. Hotel Columbia in Rüsselsheim..Restaurant 'Navette'
Well..we were surprised was a superb had to eat a menu..but the food was so light and never had the feeling you were overdoing it. On the left is the menu card.. you can choose 4 or 6 courses in what order you wish.
Excellent atmosphere and service.
The wine list I had viewed a couple of days before
and on the afternoon before we went..I called Herr Salwey to ask if he had drunk the chosen wine recently. 'Three weeks ago' he said..'it was excellent'

Salwey Oberrotweiler Kirchberg Spätburgunder
Spätlese trocken 1999
Kaiserstuhl Baden, Germany

Medium deep colour with orange rim; super aroma, all you ask for in a ripe version of my favourite grape...smoky, spices..reserved elegance; perfect weight in the mouth..every sip a real pleasure..
I drank the bottle ALONE (Mum & Wife were on the bubbly)...It went down so well and at it's peak now..and I'm gonna give it....

Points 18

The lamb was perfectly

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Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

I ate there too some days ago. Pretty good and the sommelier comes up with very avantgardistic wine pairings i.e. red wine (Frühburgunder) with the fish course and white wine (Riesling Feinherb) with the lamb. This was very courageous since many people are conservative with their wine pairings, but I don't mind and they were pretty good matches actually...thanks for the tip.