Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bin-End or Dead-End?

Chateau Tour des Gendres
Bergerac Rouge Moulin des Dames 2000
Bergerac, France

60% Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Merlot
BIG dark colour, very concentrated with purple rim; a whiff of cedar and eucalyptus ..then that was gone..otherwise..winey real atrractions; dry palate..medium tannins holding this intact..OK..where is the balancing remains 'dry' til the end..was better with food but not really anything to write home about..
Points 15

Postscript..always a bad sign when it is longer than the notes...
Strange one here..I bought 2 bottles from a reputable merchant...the description of liquorice, vanilla & dark fruits on the nose..and tobacco and sweet oak in the mouth... were nowhere to find..there were notes about a 'massive' wine only just opening..but this feels like one of those that will dry out before it blossoms..I have had 'closed' wines before..but you could feel that there was more to come.....The bottles were 'bin ends'..or maybe 'dead-ends'..anyway..I have had other vintages of this..and there were attractive aromas...soft fruits..
After the first bottle which I drank a few days after delivery( I blamed myself for drinking it maybe while it had 'jet-lag')..I decided to give it another let me down again.


Joe said...

I opened a bottle of this exact wine and I thought it was corked. A recommendation from the local wine journalist. You can make that three disappointing bottles.

Barry said...

Joe..get your sandwich board ready..we'll march on Bergerac to complain (maybe make a few stops on the way to soften the blows)