Friday, June 03, 2011

Syrah, Soccer & Shikarpur

Last Saturday I went to a Syrah tasting...arranged by fellow Blogger Alex.
As I a previous post...Sunday morning is holy...not church-wise....but soccer-wise. I play football...and at my age...need to have a gentle evening beforehand in order to keep up with the 30-40 year olds!
Alex had said we would be around 9 people with 11-12 wines. I had given him my contribution a few days before...and early Saturday evening set off by taxi to his place. Nearly all our taxi drivers are from Pakistan....and to complete this story up-front...I had to guide him there...and, on the return him out of a dead end back on the the road. Alex....if you lived in would have been easier for one of us in that taxi!
On arriving...I was met by Alex and his parents...and chatted until the other 6 arrived. I took a photo of the 12 !!! wines. I might just make that lot I thought....but a couple of the new arrivals brought the starting total was 15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
A friendly bunch...we started with the first of which was from India...not bad at all...and one from Australia. The only 'clean' comment I will make about this winemaker is...What is the ****** point of having a wine with 17% Alcohol????. This 'Boxer' had lead in it's gloves!!!
A short break while we ate Alex's prepared meal...then on to the next four, one of which was my bottle Cayuse...which showed well. Phew....made it to 8....and had made some sort of notes....but had by then told Alex that his blog would have to report extensively on the tasting. Wines 9-12 were tasted (I think) then I was outta there. My palate was crying out for help. Alex is a lot younger and I am...and seemed to have it all under control. Check out his blog...there were wines 13 - 15 but they never passed my lips.
At football next took me 20 minutes to run off the alcohol...but then somehow played a decent game.

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