Thursday, June 02, 2011

Prosecco Substitute

As the summer evenings are with us...there are magazines full of Prosecco tastings and the best Rosé wines. for me! OK...there are cheaper wines than what I drank below...but if you get at least double the pleasure...why opt for something that has never really turned me on.
What is Morillon you may ask?...well...the Austrians have their own language at times...and in the South Styria...where they make great Sauvignon Blanc by the way...they call Chardonnay 'Morillon'
Manfred Tement is a top property I decided to try two of his examples.

Manfred Tement Sulz Morillon 2008
South Styria, Austria
Glass-stopper...Medium yellow green...stoned fruit, green apples, nose-watering smells...perfect for a hot summer evening...but it doesn't end there....soft toffee flavour which carried the two days in bottle with ease. The intense minerals just bounced back every time you asked for them...lively acidity...a real living wine. A lovely wine with which to watch the sun go down....
Points 16.5 chance. Oh yes...around € 20,--...but Prosecco...still no chance.

Tement's top wine...and to be fair...not exactly a wine for daily drinking....unless you win the lottery. At € 35,-- this is serious.
Manfred Tement Zieregg Morillon 2007
South Styria, Austria
To quote 'The part of the Zieregg site on which Morillon is grown varies in composition from shell limestone to limestone marl, a soil type that has even greater potential for retaining heat, and which is therefore particularly suitable for the production of a fine Burgundy-style wine. Longish maturation in small new oak barrels is also necessary, though, in order to bring out the full complexity of the vineyard and grape variety once the wine is in bottle'

Natural Cork...A step up from the Sulz...there is an instant soft kiss of oak...this broadens showing tobacco and nuttiness. The positive remains faithful to the style of Tement...showing elegance, fine balance...even a shot of citrus...
and a constantly changing wine over two days.
Points 17

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