Friday, June 03, 2011

Crowd Pleaser

Following the post about Prosecco...I guess I could add this style of wine. I'm sure there is an Argentinian wine that doesn't hit you with both fists...but I am yet to taste it. I bought this from a supermarket in England....seeing the Decanter award label.
Bodega Norton Privada 2006
Mendoza, Argentina
This won a trophy at last year's Decanter Wine Awards...and I can see why. Can I say before we go on...this is not for me. Can I also is not's just not my is just a 'one glass wine' for me...that can win prizes...but for someone who likes to drink maybe two-thirds of a bottle some is just TOO much of what it is!

Now we have cleared that up...on to the notes.
Malbec, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep garnet cherry, dark spicy fruit...smooth, soft mid-palate...sweet, savoury...I all sounds fine...but someone wrote...a little tedious...and this is how I find this type of wine...I gave the half of what was left to my secretary...she agreed...A one glass wine!. A 'crowd pleaser'...but maybe I don't belong to the crowd!
Points 16


Alex said...

it is "too much of what it is": I like that description!

Taurasi said...

I must try this one fast.