Friday, March 26, 2010

Ebringen Trio

Situated south of Freiburg...Markgräflerland...and an area with great potential. This is a Weingut to keep an eye on. Decent 2006 reds and 2007 whites showed promise. Now, a year later, improvement is there. I ordered 3 bottles direct from the property.
Pinot Noir trocken 2007 (2008 was sent but as you will pain), Pinot Gris trocken 2008 and the top red...Pinot Noir trocken Barrique S 2007. Let's look at the prices...
The simple red was € 10,-- ...the Pinot Gris € 12,-- ...and the 'S' € 22,--.
Andreas Engelmann has a fair pricing system.

Schlossgut Ebringen Pinot Noir trocken 2008
Baden, Germany
For the price... a really delicious mouthful...strawberry fool...and the slight simple sweetness with gentle tannins make this a red for the summer months ahead.
Points 16

Schlossgut Ebringen Pinot Gris trocken 2008
Baden, Germany
A real surprise here...pear aromas...and fine vanilla...and a body not to be sniffed lightweight here...medium-bodied and quite complex...complete harmony.
Points 16.25

Schlossgut Ebringen Pinot Noir trocken Barrique 2007
Baden, Germany
As I mentioned...comparing the 'top' wines to the basic have to work harder with the better stuff...the compexity needs patience. These vines are grown on the best plot...Ebringer Sommerberg...spending at least 14 months in Allier oak...forest berries...with the layer of vanilla...and secondary notes beginning to a mirror of the basic wine....with complex overtones. Very good
Points 16.5

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