Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bathroom Delight!

You can read this post...but don't even think about finding a is as rare as...errmmmm...a decent live Britney Spears vocal? Why?...well...this is what they call a 'Boutique Weingut'...Henrik Möbitz is a part-timer. He began in the mid- 90's with some acres near Freiburg that nobody wanted. The fermentation took place in the bathroom (something that has maybe happened to all of us!!!). He has around 2.5 acres nowadays( or if you prefer...around 3000 bottles)....some Gewürztraminer..and his love.. Pinot Noir.

Henrik Möbitz Kanzel Pinot Noir 2007

Baden, Germany

Not sure if I should try this tonight...but as it was a was open before I could say 'corkscrews to you! Looking at the bottle...11.5% alcohol...intriguing aroma of fresh strawberries...and there is a gentle earthy feel to the wine...saying...I am more French Burgundy (the label reminds me of a French property) than German Spätburgunder. Extreme juiciness...some animal smells (nice ones!) and black pepper. Minerals abound and there is more smell than body to this wine...and the bottle empties quickly with the alcohol content. An interesting addition to my 'finds'.
Points 17

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