Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saying GoodBye To A Friend

How do you say goodbye to an old friend.....he (or she) has been part of my (wine-drinking) life for as long as it's been my hobby. She (I have decided..being a Pinot Noir lover) has to go.....she is taking up space..and to be honest...has been lying there, doing very little..for almost 35 years.
At this point I had better explain. My wine drinking started back in 1975....after arriving in Germany and trying to sell French wines while learning the language. As if she knew I needed monthly help...Decanter emerged in September of that year...a wine magazine that helped and encouraged...that introduced me over the years to the wonderful world of wine. I purchased the very first issue...years later the binders...then I stopped the binders and just piled them up wherever there was space. the reason for this 'mild' rant. My wife says we need it for other 'important' things....and, to be honest, when was the last time I read the October 1979 version..or the January edition in 1991. Probably a few weeks after I read them...then they were hardly touched again. New issues tasting regions to try. So..the question do I 'lose' an old friend. Do I 'bury' a plot in a nearby vineyard....or is a 'cremation' necessary...with a glass of Dom Perignon at my lips and a tear in my eye. She has to go....I need sympathy and advice...


Alexis said...

That is so sad! You should cut out some of your favorite pics and articles out of the magazines and make a giant collage! Isnt that good advice? :P
Have a nice sunday, Alex

Edward said...

Somehow I can't imagine Barry as a scrapbook fanatic :)
I tried feeding my earth worms my old wine newspaper clippings that I recently found. It has taken then 3 months to get through several years worth. . .I like the idea of burial and Dom.