Saturday, October 31, 2009

Becker Boom Boom Lemberger

Seeger Lemberger 'R' 2007
Baden, Germany

The property is in Leimen, near Heidelberg..and the main claim to fame of the town is that Boris Becker was born here....which gives me the chance to tell my favourite Becker 'story'.
Boris got married recently and he was searching for a house in London. He has found one... 1 Dining Room, 2 Bedrooms...and 20 Broom Cupboards!
OK..back to business....Leimen is also north Baden.......Württemberg is in view..if you know what I mean. The grape Lemberger has it's German home's brother is also 'a la maison' in Austria going by the name of Blaufrankisch.
Now..Seeger interests me..the recent Cuvée Anna had I decided to buy his Blauer Spärburgunder 'R' 2007...and it sits in my cellar..waiting for it's master. On the merchant's list was today's I was tempted. Now...what I like about the grape is when it is lighter in a medium Bordeaux.....the impression here is that it is a little spends 18 months in oak..hence getting an 'R' for it's loss of light over that is slightly gritty..which is fine for me..cigar-like smell..again fine by berry fruit..just maybe a touch too plump..and it ain't cheap at € 30,--. So...I'll cross the 'border' next time I get that Lemberger craving.
Points 16.25

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