Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Rare Substitute

While trying to purchase some of Becker's Sankt Paul' 2006.. I was offered this as an alternative. HE Dausch is the son of a teacher...and since 2001..without a property.
He inherited the vineyard Eschenbacher
Herrschaftswingert...where the vines are around 18 years old. His good friend Fritz Becker Jr. has filled 3 new barrels with the
ey stay in there for 19 months. I know many readers say they hardly see many of the wines I drink in Germany.....sorry to say..this one is even more rare than most.

HE Dausch 'the gurus'
Pinot Noir 2006

Bottled by Friedrich Becker

Rhein, Germany

Medium colour..with an orange rim..looks older than it is...very French nose...touch of smoke...the palate shows compact fruit..minerals...classy...more female than male..if you get my drift...lovely balance..gentle spices.
Points 17.75

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