Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Früh Bird Catches The Blogger's Eye

A simple explanation for all non-german that the Frühburgunder is ready 2-3 weeks before Big Brother Spätburgunder. This example from a property known for it's reliable, if not earth-moving, whites showed what improvements are being made with reds in Franken.
Zehnthof Luckert Frühburgunder *** 2006
Franken, Germany
Wild, spicy berry aroma..fresh and spritely it shows itself from the glass...cinnamon ...very inhalable...on the palate..again that slightly wild feel..with a soft tannic bundle...about as much as you want with this variety...very well made..and a surprise to be honest. Is Luckert one to watch in the future?
Points 16.75

PS...not worth a post of it's own...
The Paris Cornas Granit 30 2005 from the Rhône was purchased after a recent note I saw on the 2007 raving about the wine. Methinks this had a failing...the soft chewy tannins were outdone by a strong acidity that marred any further real pleasure for me. Next day..still not softened...strange and a disppointment. Not even the background still-shot of Catherine Deneuve..the French legendary actress could tame this one.
PS again...
I called the merchant..and he is sending another this space.

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