Monday, July 20, 2009

Becker's Strawberry Delight

Sunday's usually comprise of soccer in the morning..and every 2 weeks my radio show in the evenings....As I am still carrying an sport at the I spent the day watching England on top of the Aussies at cricket
(England eventually won)..and the Open Golf Championship in England ('oldie' Tom Watson blew it at the very end). In between I doo
dled and googled..and had time to plan a good bottle. No
reason..just a feeling of wanting something special.
Friedrich Becker Spätburgunder Schweigener
Sankt Paul Grosses Gewächs trocken 2006
Pfalz, Germany

Top producer....and the 2005 had hearing that this was as good..if not better...I prepared it (stood it on the table so I could walk by it and drool)...Opened
..and a wine drop was left on my finger..a quick lick...oh yes....this is a 'biggie'..spends time in new oak barrels......first 'nose'..mmmm..this is real class..think Burgundy here..and to those who don't know..the grapes are grown 'over the border' in France....but Friedrich Becker needs no help to make great Pinot...a sensational perfume..strawberry, strawberry & strawberry..heady as in 'intoxicating'...sniff this forever..super soft and sexy on the palate..with excellent acidity pushing the fruit upwards & onwards..a gentle tannic glove..and you have a top Spätburgunder here...can everyday be Sunday please....
Points 18

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Lyle Fass said...

Better than 2005. Bold words.