Saturday, July 18, 2009

Loimer's Classy GV

Fred Loimer is something of a quality fanatic...and his Terrassen had pleased..and the vines used for this wine are around 40 years old. Which can only mean you are gonna get something a bit special.

Fred Loimer Grüner Veltiner
Langenlois Spiegel 2007
Kamptal, Austria
Decant was the recommendation..but as I was planning to drink half on opening..and the rest 2 days later....I chose a large glass..and this allowed the wine to show freshly sliced pears and a fine herby aroma..very complex stuff here...we are leaving what we know as Grüner Veltliner 'territory' with this wine...this is a big step up. Priced at € 26..I guess most would say I can buy a GV for a third of that..which is true...but here we have a very fine wine. Elegance and finesse to the fore..this has a velvety feel on the palate..and just when you think an injection is needed to stop it becoming too soft..there is a fresh citrus backdrop....a rollercoaster of flavours....and two days later it was still showing well..and a lingering finish
Points 17.25

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Anonymous said...

The age of the vines (40 years!) is certainly a contributing factor in the high quality of the Loimer you tasted. It's an elegant wine with an equally elegant appearance. Nice review.