Monday, April 20, 2009

Never Ending Umbrian

And if there was still some wine in the would still be changing....
The above sentence would be a fitting ending to the notes on this wine.
Sagrantino is an Italian grape variety that is pretty much exclusive to the Umbria region in Italy.
It is grown primarily in the village of Montefalco and its surrounding areas, with only 250 acres dedicated to the grape in the hands of about 25 producers. The wine is not widely known outside of Italy, even though it was granted DOCG status in 1991. It was once used for dessert wines for many years, the grape being dried in the passito style, much like a Recioto di Valpolicella. At some point, the wines were made in a dry style, and that is how they are primarily produced today.
Colpetrone Sagrantino di Montefalco 2001
Umbria, Italy
Inky purple colour...intense nose of aroma....dusty black fruits..cinnamon...kept reminding me of a Pedro Ximenez Sherry...gritty but ripe tannins on the palate..and notes of bitter dried cherry..and a good dollop of plummy fruit make this a mouthful that makes you sit up...there is some light oak...this appealed on opening..then seemed to dry a little..and craved for food...the bottle was closed (half full)..and next evening given a second first..the same feeling as I had left it..but with airing..and some good food..this really widened..seemed more relaxed with itself....Umbrian wines are always reliable..and this was one of the best. Try it with a steak or Spare-Ribs..with a big decant...
Points 17.25


Joe said...

what was the price on this? I love the Umbrians for the value proposition - usually amazing price: quality ratios on these.

Barry said...

Price was 29 Euros....which is just about right for the quality