Monday, April 13, 2009

The Top Slider From Schneider

What to drink on Easter Sunday??...and no..I didn't have eggs with it!
After tasting the two previous wines..the mixed case direct from the property contained the top wine. This costs € 20,-- and I'll order some's that good for the price.

Claus Schneider Pinot Noir trocken Barrique
Weiler Schlipf 2005
Baden, Germany

Some wines wait for you to poke your nose into the glass..this aroma leapt from the gets me going when I have this type of wine....will it taste the same..will it have a long finish..will I grow old to drink my wine cellar empty?...all these questions (except the last one) spring to mind. At first..a slightly burnt aroma took over..but that was saying..this is not a simple wine..there is more to me. Beautiful Pinot smell..very Burgundian...medium sweet ripe fruit...the palate shows a lovely weight..slight prickle of soft a sandpapered strawberry...I could gulp this if I were not a wine-lover...and the finish is medium long...what can I say..maybe the best wine in this price range I have tasted this year....if you want any....get in the queue..or ask me nicely and I might send you a bottle!

Points 18


Anonymous said...

Dear Barry,

thank you for your interesting text about our wines. But now, the rest
in german.
Ihr Interesse und Ihre Begeisterung für unsere Weine haben uns sehr gefreut.
Mit viel Ausdruck haben Sie den Slider from Schneider beschrieben.
Wir bedanken uns mit einer Flasche des Pinot Noir 2005 für Ihre Mühe und
wünschen weiterhin viel Freude,
mit immer guten Weinen.

Viele Grüsse aus Weil am Rhein,

Claus und Susanne Schneider

David said...

I have just order a couple of the PN 2005 and from the 2006 SB CS*** and a couple of other bottles. I am curious to see how they will perform.

By the way, congratulations for the excelent choice of Spaetburgunder tasted. Bercher, Huber, Schneider (Endingen) and Salwey are my coup of tea. Me, being orginaly from Freiburg, can also recommend you the wines from Freiher von Gleichensten (Oberbergen) and Holger Koch (Bickensohl).