Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Flowery Beaujolais & A Stiff Pizza

Name the 9 Villages wines of Beaujolais..always a good one to get any wine freak worked up. As you know (course you do...)..the best Beaujolais don't have the word on the labels..
There are maybe 3 styles..those that need, like big brother Burgundy, time in the bottle...then there is the 'wild stuff'..untypical and for the adventurer..and finally...the juicy our example here....
Domaine du Vissoux Fleurie Poncié 2008
Beaujolais, France
Tart & slightly bitter at first...but it grew and filled out nicely after 20 minutes...lovely juicy it should do..with that name...quite great length..but that's not the style..I had a freshly made Pizza with it....the real stuff..with a Viagra stiffness...not those gigantic ones that hang..seen in all the US movies...I have a question here..if the pizza is delivered and is then is cold...a terrible thought..cold pizza!...anyway..where was I?..ah temperature...but would be nice cooled...(it is getting warmer..and my thoughts are wandering to sitting outside and slurping)...and this has a gentle soft sweetness...and goes down better than a cold pizza!
Points 16.25


Lyle Fass said...

A greta estate but I prefer the Moulin-A-Vents. Truly profound wines.

David McDuff said...

It'll really get the wine freaks geared up if you ask for all ten.

And I'm with Lyle on Chermette's wines. The Fleurie is all fruit and flowers when young but can develop wonderfully in the cellar. I'm a bit surprised the '08 is already on the market.