Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Risk, No Fun

In a perfect romantic world...there is always a happy ending. Also..what springs to a saying used in many TV show..'No Risk, No Fun'. Well..your blogger took a risk...there wasn't much fun..and definitely no happy ending. Boo Hoo!

Eric Morin Chiroubles Tradition 1999

Beaujolais, France

Medium deep color..but slightly milky..which many Beaujolais are...burnt aroma...try a
gain..burnt aroma..oh..come on..there must be something there...nope..burnt aroma. Pleasant mouthful as regards weight..but dry tannins..and a fresh acidity..which would be fine 5 years ago..but this is pretty fruitless. The blurb from the merchant...
ein ganz großer Burgunder!
- lassen Sie sich von diesem reinsortigen Gamay überraschen - Sie werden es nicht bereuen!
dieser Cru du Beaujolais ist Morins' Meisterwerk: mit einem Hauch von Schokolade
reift 12 Monate in kleinen Barriques, die pro Jahr zu 1/3 erneuert werden
Rebsorte: 100 % Gamay €14,--

which roughly means..a very good will not regret it. Shall I sue?....when did he write that?.. agreed..the price should have warned me...

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