Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Shattering Experience

Nothing new some time in our wine-drinking lives..we purchase a certain number of 'good' wine glasses. Those in question here were a family of 12 I think....about 20 years ago....and back then were 'pricey'. Well....up until the Hermitage entering this one's gaping mouth..the family were down to three! it is two...which seems a nice I now only have two bottles of the 1978 Hermitage left...shall I risk the same style glass when I open another bottle?...anyway..a flick of the wrist when describing something..and the glass fell against the decanter..and was on it's way to the great glassery in the sky. There are positives in all negatives....the glass had already been emptied...the Hermitage was gone to a better place..a few spots on the tablecloth were all that remained.

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