Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Ramblings Of A Straw Widower

My wife went away for a long weekend..a friend had a birthday. That means I am a Strohwitwer...(the translation roughly means a grass widower..temporary solo period). So..what do I do?...well.. I plan my eating and drinking....
Day 1
A sub-title may have been a 'tale of 2 corks'
An Italian restaurant I hadn't visited for a while....Ambiente Italiano. I wanted to drink Spätburgunder so it was BYO ( no..not Barry You Oaf...but..Bring Your Own)..which is no problem for owner Riccardo. I ordered the menu..and the bott
le was opened.
Meyer-Näkel Dernauer Pfarrwingert
Spätburgunder 1999

Ahr, Germany
The cork here was almost moisture..which maybe should have been a pre-warning. One of my favourite properties...and an excellent vintage...BUT..unfortunately the wine was not up to it..methinks a bad bottle...musty..dirty rag..a few swirls..nada....I would love to know if it is a one-off.
Now..tell the my position..what would you do about what to drink..ah..but you sits a man who has seen, heard..and drink it all. On leaving home..I had put a 'reserve' bottle in the bag. See.....preparation saves the day.
Köhler-Ruprecht 'Philippi' 'RR' Spätburgunder 1998
Pfalz, Germany
Bernd Philippi is an individualist....not everything turns out right that he releases...BUT...when it does work..his wines are a revelation. His Riesling both 'R' and 'RR' and not to be are also his Spätburgunder. He releases them when he thinks they are ready...
Here the cork was fully moist..and difficult to extract. This is lighter in colour than the 1999 tasted a few months again..and it also a more delicate example. Sweet strawberries spring from the glass..a gentle rippling flavour..mineral and slowly opened up...but remained a layed-back lady...nice earthiness..more than any other area in German..the Pfalz displays it's 't
erroir'..a pleasure to drink
Points 17.5
Photos of the 3 courses with German description...this is a wine blog!!!...Foodies can use the Translator....
Capesante con Fagioli Zolfini e Crostini al Lardo
Gebratene Jakobsmuscheln mit Zolfini-Bohnen
und gerösteten Brotwürfeln mit "Lardo di Colonnata"

Tortelloni ripieni di Pesce con Gamberetti e Dragongello
Hausgemachte Tortelloni gefüllt mit Edelfischen, Garnelen
und Estragon-Jus

Sella di Cinghiale con Bietola e Crocchette di Porro
Wildschweinrücken in Mangoldmantel, Lauchkroketten
und Preiselbeeren

Day 2
Volker & Steffi..on hearing of my dilemma..invited me to their house for some food...all excellent as usual...a mix of Chinese and Provence...there were a few bottles of Dr Crusius wines..a Weissburgunder 2008 and the Frühburgunder 2007...both perfect with the food...and always reliable.
I had brought along a see if the Meyer-Näkel 1999 the night before was a one-off. This is the next one down in quality at this property.
Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder 'S' 1999
Ahr, Germany
A burnt..dark toast smell...the oak has completely disappeared...cherry fruit..trace of raspberry?...still spicy and slightly peppery..and a smooth mouthful of fully mature Spätburgunder. Now...should I risk another bottle of the Pfarrwingert?
Points 17

Day 3
And so to another restaurant...Jägerhof... where I can take some wine along. As a thank you to Volker & Steffi..this was my treat.
I decided on a Riesling to accompany the 'amuse geule' & the first course.
Querbach Oestrich Doosberg 'Erstes Gewächs' Riesling trocken 2005
Rheingau, Germany
Stainless cap closure....The first impression is the 'Restsüß'....not a bottle you could take alone maybe..but between three of us...and with the food it was fine.
Concentrated..intense aroma of ripe fruit..typical of the vintage...peaches..on to taste..and after the first shock..this is more 'Spätlese' trocken..and the sweetness left on the lips..lies nicely in the mouth and the Riesling awakens the's a wine that wants to be liked...and maybe needs a year or two to remove it's sweet baby fat?
Points 16

I had brought along 2 reds....both from Spain..and I suppose one could call them 'cult' wines.
Both opened 2 hours before tasting.
Roda 1 Reserva 1996
Rioja, Spain
Milky colour...leathery aroma..spicy intensity...pepper and herbs....hiding something...opened up to show fresh mushrooms.. a powerful wine with a hard fruit..very minerally..ripe tannins...interesting to taste...but still seems a little awkward. Will time help..or will it start to dry out?
Points 17

Finca Dofi 1998
Priorat, Spain
Made by the 'superstar' in Priorat..Alvaro Palacios. The mix is of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot..and a few others thrown in.
Clear colour....purple red...velvet aroma...cassis of the Cabernet..some liquorice...the palate showed fresh, lively acidity...tannins rounded..a soft marzipan fruit evolved...complex...a delicious wine..and depending on your taste..about right to drink.
Points 17.75

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Christoph Raffelt said...

As you can see here i had a 1999er a few weeks ago and it was delicious.