Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Is A Bargain?

What is a bargain? A pair of socks at 99 cent...a piece of cake from the bakery that should have been sold yesterday? It's all relative. Are blondes prettier than a Mercedes better than a BMW? It's all in the eyes of the beholder. A yacht that is worth $2 million purchased for $1.9 million could be seen as a bargain! As to does not mean that you got the cheapest wine even cheaper. Where is this leading to...I've no idea!..oh yes..hang on.. I do tend to wander..but it is sometimes needed to make it clear to my blog readers...Here is the point! When did you last purchase a 12-year old red Burgundy at € 22,--? I don't mean when it is young..then wait 12 I did...! The story is..I was buying a mixed case..and saw a Girardin wine..1997..but was told it was sold out. The merchant said he had another..I could have it for the same price. Hmmm. I thought..if it's dead..then I am on a loser..but the adventurer in me (wine idiot) swayed my judgement..and here we are....
Vincent Girardin Santenay
Clos des Mouches 1997

Burgundy, France

No obvious sign of ageing...intense fruit driven got better after 30 minutes and enticed you back for more...the palate showed medium strawberry fruit..juicy and nicely spiced..a delicious mouthful..plummy, rich...sweet character. ..can't remember having a Santenay of this risk no pain I thought.. I had been rewarded..and I loved the comment on the invoice.....'Glückwunsch zu Ihren Schnäppchen' Congratulations on your Bargain!
Points 17.5

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