Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catena's Malbec

The grapes for this Malbec come from a select block of Catena's more than 60 year-old Angélica vineyard. Named after Nicolás Catena's mother, the vineyard is Catena's premier Malbec vineyard. The soil and climate of the Angélica vineyard are ideal for growing Malbec. The 1997 was the first vintage of this wine.....and is only released in certain years..The wine is aged for 12 months in 100% new French oak.
Catena Alta Malbec Angelica Vineyard 1997
Mendoza, Argentina
Some wine countries scare me out of buying.......OK..there are exceptions....but after 30 years of divulging the stuff...I search for the reserved beauty..not the buxom lass. Argentinian wines I have tried occasionally...and have found a few 'Fruit-Bombs'. The name Catena helped me decide to purchase this 12 year old Malbec. If the best property couldn't convince me..what could? Deep, ruby red colour...dusty nose at first..then blackberry blind tasting would have pointed me to Bordeaux maybe..Pauillac..or maybe better..St.Estéphe...this is down to the dry, earthiness..that's not to say this is fruitless..far from 'liquid' plums comes to mind...dry tobacco..intense and 12-years old this has 'velvety' tannins...and some 'hot drink' flavours..couldn't decide on coffee or chocolate...the 14% would have worried most 'lasses'..but this elegant 'dame' carries it of beautifully...certainly the best Malbec I have tasted..and definitely the best wine from Argentina.
Points 17.5


Joe said...

Catena is the house that won me over as well - best Malbec I have ever tasted and I have used it to "surprise" some friends who won't drink Argentinian. Best wine from Argentina? I suspect you are right, but I will reserve judgement until I have tasted some of those pricey ultra-cuvees (I just need to find someone to buy them for me).

Shea said...

Yep, I agree. But ya you gotta try the ultra-pricey Argentino Malbec from Catena - holy crap it is beyond what Malbec should conceivably be able to achieve.

Rebeca said...

Catena's wines are really great.
Clos de los 7 are also incredible.
As we live in Buenos Aires, my friends and I have tasted many argentine wines.