Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An 'Early' Burgunder

Stodden Recher Herrenberg Frühburgunder 2006
Ahr, Germany
The photo you see was of the first bottle I opened...which was corked. The merchant was imformed..and another bottle followed 'tout suite'. Now...Stodden and myself havn't really hit it off yet....those I tried young were that..too young...and older ones are not readily available.
This was recommended to me....a Frühburgunder..which to nearly everyone..when tasted blind...is just like BIG brother Herr Spät! This spends 16 months in new small oak barrels...the first impression is of wild strawberries...a fruity spiciness follows..even peppery..good juice..this is very French in style..south Burgundy springs to mind.....grainy easy tannins...dried smoke...plums...petals...and while easy to drink...a couple of years will do it good. The rest tasted next day had held up well..and showed a pleasant taste of cooked red berries.
Points 17


Lyle Fass said...

I love Fruhburgunder.

So little is planted from what I understand.

Love Mayer-Nekel's and Fursts. Fursts is actually quite amazing.

Here is my note for the '04 Furst Fruhburgunder

2004 Fruhburguner Centgrafenberg - Now everybody who knows anything about German red wine knows that Paul Furst makes first class Pinot Noir but the real specialty of this estate is Fruhburgunder (Pinot Madeline, Early Burgundy) which is an earlier ripening version of Pinot Noir. Lovely nose of blue fruits and minerals with a wonderful ripeness. The fruit is easily the sweetest of all ther red wines we tasted this evening. Palate had a wonderful crunch due to the crackling acidity. The finish is long and has accents of oak spice beautifully integrated with stony minerals. Lovely precision here.

Barry said...

Lyle..your post only confirms my thoughts...both Meyer-Näkel and Fürst are properties who's wines I love..never have any problems...it is..as I said..maybe Stodden's style