Saturday, March 07, 2009

Parker Points & Pinot Plums

I drink in the evenings..dinner is around 7pm...and as usually happens..I wander into the cellar between 5pm & 6pm.
This gives you spontanuity....but some wines need more time maybe. However, as I am a lone drinker..the answer is to re-cork and taste a day later. Maybe I should change the let me see..that Chateau Lafite needs decanting for Easter..and the Taylor Port 1966 will need airing for Xmas day.....

Pazo de Monterrey 2007

Galicia, Monterrey, Spain
Down towards the border from Portugal..made from 65% Treixadura & 35% Godella....this easy drinking wine has a clear structure. Stone fruits throughout..some lively acidity and peach notes. Good..but not worth 90 points from Mr.Parker(or one of his assistants). It held up in the bottle for 4 days..when I tried it again..and at the price it costs..about € 11..would make a perfect house wine in a restaurant.
Points 15.5

Knab Endinger Engelsberg
Spätburgunder *** 2006

Baden, Germany
This is the 3rd bottle of a 6-pack I purchased..and was one of the winners of this year's Pinot Cup. It's first attempt to please me did not succeed.that was down to the food. The 2nd showed better..but with this bottle I can see what the wine is trying to tell me. LEAVE ME ALONE YOU DUMMMY!!!!. He is half right..or half wrong if you want to win the argument. It is showing more of itself now. A reserved smell of sour-cherry..the palate giving you a dollop of juicy, dusty fruit. It needs air..and the potential is now showing..tannins are gentle(we men need the gentle touch)...finely balanced...touch of cream...AND...even better next day.....
Points 17.25 with more to come

Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir,
Bien Nacido 2005
Historic Vineyards Collection
California, U.S.A.
A terroir can feel it in the glass. Cinnamon and cloves stream upwards...and various spice mixtures..intense dark fruits..thick tannins..but approachable ..a mix of rich fruit that reminded me of sliced marzipan. A wine that keep you focused...with new happenings by the minute...and although drinkable..will benefit from 5 years in your cellar. Drank again the next day...another step up the ladder.
Points 17.75

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Shea said...

I've always liked Au Bon Climat - they are doing something special in California.