Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wine & A Pouch

Out to a local eatery with my of them has been with the company for 40 years. As I had been given a pressie at Xmas by a business contact in southern Spain..I took the bottle along. We had some wonderful fresh Antipasti as a starter and an interesting white. Colle di San Domenico
Fiano di Avellino 2005

Campania, Italy

100% Fiano...straw coloured...with green tinges. Roasted nuts in the glass..intense stones and minerals...think of Chablis and you are not far away. Ripe fruit...well balanced..and at 3 years old..a perfect foil for all that Antipasti. A surprising surprise.

Points 16.25

Pasta as main course and by this time the bottle of red had been opened.
The business contact is in Almeria..where this wine comes from...and I have never had a red from so far south before. Next stop..the ocean.

Tetas De La Sacristana
M Seleccion
Vinos de Fondon

Laujar-Alpujarra, Spain
First smell was intoxicating...thick rich fruit..and while it also worried. Was I gonna get a 'fruit bomb' after recent Ne
w World examples? A quick sip told me I was on safe ground. A real gem on the palate..the Tempranillo flaunting itself with the Merlot giving it style. It softened with airing..the intensity of aroma diluted...but not in any way losing it's best point. This has 13% alcohol..not 15%..and here lies the secret. It spends some time in French & American oak..about 12 months at a guess.. Nowhere to be found elsewhere...which is a shame.
Points 17.5

The pouch came with the wine...but no way would I put such a goodie into it.
I'll use it next time I take the goats into the mountains....1 1/2 is inscribed on the side...enough for a magnum?...poor thing..stretched to it's limits.


Edward said...

I'm starting to worry about the notable absence of spatburgunder! Next you'll be drinking Barossa Shiraz :)

By the way, what is the pouch made of?

Barry said...

Ed..blame my business contacts.....for the recent Spanish 'plonk'
I'll try an SB again soon..can't have you get withdrawal symptoms.
The pouch is real leather......

Joe said...

Wow - never seen a Spanish wine from that appellation. You think an Aligote works in that pouch? ;)