Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coincidencies and Ramblings.

The last couple of days have meant late decisions as what to drink. The cellar is cooler than normal..due the minus temperatures...hence my choice of the 'Pinot' grape...
J.J.Adeneuer Spätburgunder trocken 2006
Ahr, Germany
The basic wine from a most reliable grower..this was the last of a mixed bunch I had purchased.
The basic wine of any winemaker should be good and well-priced. Drink this with anyone..and you will be happy with it's clean, juicy fruit. No pretentions..juts good honest wine.

Knipser Riesling Auslese Trocken Halbstück 2003
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
With a light salad on the menu..I really fancied a ripe Riesling.
This wine had pleased many times...but was corked.

Quickly down to the cellar again...hmmm.. let's try a Spätburgunder.
Fritz Waßmer Spätburgunder 'R' 2004
Baden, Germany
Lovely nose & soft velvety palate. This wine is more Burgundian than a Dijon Mustard.

The late night reading was the new 'Weinwelt' magazine...and opening the first page was an article about Albert Kallfelz, a Mosel grower,
winning a court case after 9 years. He had lost 37.000 bottles of 1996 & 1997 wine.
The company responsible for the corks had to pay out € 136.000.
The final comment in the article was that it would not happen too often on this it was always difficult to prove.

Reichsgraf & Marquis zu Hoensbroech
Spätburgunder Spätlese trocken 2003
Baden, Germany
Next day...I decided to try a bottle that I received as a Xmas present. It had been sent by an appointed
merchant....and he is selling it for around € 25,--. Maybe he thought he could get rid of is awful. Imagine some hard-boiled sweets...fermented in was pale & thin. The 'full-bodied' description on their webpage is *****!!! Good job I am not giving points on this particular post.
Quick decision....a half-bottle...
Ziereisen Blauer Spätburgunder Selection
Rhini 2004
Baden, Germany
This half bottle is softening doubt by the last will be perfect.

I had been surfing the net about a possible purchase of a Russian River Chardonnay.
Two hours later I received an email 'spam' titled
'Holy smokes! The bats will stay at Russian River Vineyards.'
Nothing against the bats..what worries me about the net is the speed a mere 'google' somehow passed on my email information. I know Big Brother may be watching us...but now Little Sister is in on the act.

After all this 'winey' activity we were off to a 60th Birthday party...fancy dress....Barry The Kid! There was not going to be wine available (not true..but you know what i mean) and the music to be played I had I needed to keep a clear mind. I ended up drinking 4 bottles of water..which as any doctor will tell very healthy.
It was a great night..and the music...from the 50's, 60's and 70's went down very well. Back in the day Rap was a talk-in intro to a song..not an excuse for someone who can't sing! Hip-Hop was what the rabbits did to each other. It was 2am before we left....and I woke with a 'musical' headache....


Edward said...


You look very convincing in the photo, though I hope it was only water pistol!

Barry said...

Nope is a GENUINE Colt 45...for shooting down bad bottles...