Thursday, January 08, 2009

Montezumas Revenge

Our eldest daughter just got back from a 5 week holiday in Goa and India. The three of us met up at our local Bistro..we should have been 4..but her hubby had a 'funny tummy'..after the trip..(can't call it a 'holiday!!!). Streets filled with trash, cockroaches in most hotels, dirty sheets...the food was OK..but ever 7 days they had a dose of Montezumas Revenge! What she needed was a decent meal and some red wine.
The two bottles I took along....first one up...
Agostino Pavia Moliss Barbera d'Asti 2005
Piedmont, Italy
Moliss (a Piedmontese word, not Italian) is a single vineyard wine, old vines, matured in large oak ovals, the closest thing to a tradional Asti but cleaner and much more concentrated.
If you purchased this wine, even at restaurant mark-up you would be happy. Lots of firm manly fruit...bound by a loose grip of tannins in some soft oak. Easy to drink and pair with any food.
A poor man's Barolo...they used to call it..but Barbera should be searched out whenever available.
Points 16.5

I got a few Xmas presents in the form of wine. One came from the owner of out favourite holiday restaurant 'Rebstock'..of which there are many posts on the blog. I presume on our next visit the wine will be on the list.
Laible Durbacher Plauelrain
Spätburgunder Spätlese trocken 2004
Baden, Germany
This is a 'Großes Gewächs'
Known for his excellent Riesling...Laible does devote some time to the old SB. This is the first I have had...but as it was from Herr Hodapp..I knew it would be good....and good it was.
An enthralling aroma of strawberries in hay (strawberries in straw would be overdoing it) ripples on a stream..the gentle fruit covers this medium weighted goodie. You have to keep going back for another whiff. No tannin to write home about..although there is still grip and maybe this will hold 5-10 years....but there is really no chance of that...its too enticing. A really delicious bottle...
Points 17.25

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David McDuff said...

Great gift, Barry. I'm a big fan of Laible's whites but his Spätburgunders don't make it into the US. Something tells me I'll have to visit Andreas in Baden to get a taste....