Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toothless But Happy

Check out the flowers in this photo compared to the last post..they are drooping...and it was not the only thing that was drooping over the last few days. Now, now...let's keep the comments clean!
I am talking about my general mood...the gums were doubt down to the tooth embedded in them. Tuesday afternoon after a cup of tea and the recurring pain after drinking and eating..I called the dentist and went straight over. To cut a long story short..OUCH! A decision was made to do the necessary..and the tooth was pulled. The one positive was.. it was done without an appointment...get it over with. I 'lost' my first tooth when I was 14....the second..was this one..with 62!
Not a bad was at the back..maybe starved of wine....
So..Wednesday evening....I could eat and drink with pleasure that nice German girl...SB ( no..not Sexy Beast...)......was on the cards.
Ask any lover of the stuff (me)..and mention the Ahr...and he'll run off a list of the top vineyards. Meyer-Näkel, Stodden, Adeneuer..and a few more. is nice to 'discover' a new one.
The Vineyard of Alice and her son Christoph 'overlooked' by Gernot Kollmann...once of Van with Knebel in Winningen. The Sebastians own some fine plots in Heimersheim and Ahrweiler. Kollmann uses only used-oak barrels ad the wines are not filtered.
Jakob Sebastian Spätburgunder Ahrweiler Daubhaus Alte Reben
Auslese trocken 2006
Ahr, Germany
Warm slopes on Löß stone...Old vines..which often adds that little extra..I tend to buy most wines when I see that. Also..2006 was better in the Ahr than most other areas for reds.
Medium colour...this has a soft tannic structure..Burgundian in style..firm but giving...creamy, soft flavour...but no softie...drink now..but will age another 5 years..this would also taste well cool with a 'Barbie' (not her..the grill one) all-rounder and a crowd pleaser..I like the gentle grip at the me....I am your way back from the pain...SB saves me ..yet again.
Points 17.25 and at € 18..well-priced..proving yet again the value of these mid-priced German wines.

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Joe said...

value only for you, Barry - that would be $40 here.