Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blue-Red Burgundy

Ziereisen Blauer Spätburgunder 2004
Baden, Germany
A couple of years ago when I
purchased the Rhini 2002...
the grower sent me a case of this
as well..
the basic Blauer Spätburgunder...
by mistake.... I was going to return it..
but after tasting a bottle.. decided to
keep was under Euros 10.

It spends 11 months in large old
barrels..also.. no filtering done at
this vineyard.

This is the last bottle......smells like a southern Burgundy...
altho very masculine & finesse here..
but a big chunk of dark cherry fruit..perfect quaffing wine
for the serious drinker..and ideal with the rice and paprika.

Points 15.5
PS...the rest of the
bottle I tasted next
evening..had softened....

In a restaurant recently..
the owner served Rhini
by the glass.. and had
tried a bottle 10 days
after opening and it
was still good...!!

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