Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Return of the Trio weather...and what a hot!. I am not complaining...but as usual...others are.
Our monthly meeting at Schaab Louis and I had reserved a table in the the garden.
Those who did not...suffered.
Robert happiliy agreed to let us try his wine first...I was also happy to be I knew Volker would have a ripe Riesling...and we learn by our mistakes.

Familia Nin Ortiz Selma de Nin 2012
Catalonia / Spain

After the first whiff from the glass...I knew I had competition.
This is a mix of Rousanne, Marsanne and Chenin Blanc.
Smokey, creamy just have to go back again and again.
Citrus and lime tones...and with airing there were traces of marzipan.
It reminded me of a Grüner Veltliner. The palate throws up a zingy minerality...which you thank it after the smell you do not want a fruit-cake. Complex and a very good finish make this a real eye-opener.

Very good indeed.
Points 18

Ziereisen Gutedel 10 Hoch 4 2011
Baden, Germany

I have had this 3 times...and look forward to drinking it at my holiday haunt.
A while ago I had a frenzy maybe...a bottle from a merchant.

It is not cheap....but as it had arrived...what better way to empty it than with good wine friends.
Opened 4 hours before drinking...and served in a large Burgundy glass.
Close your eyes and you are in Burgundy. Nutty oak...seductive...layed-back style...intense minerality...memories of Puligny Montrachet. 

The guys gave up guessing what it was...but I can hardly criticise...Gutedel
extra special.
Points 17.75

Clemens Busch Riesling Marienburg Fahrlay
Grosses Gewächs 2009
Mosel, Germany

Instant ripe Riesling...had to be a 2009
Well-balanced and very much the style of Clemens Busch.
Quite intense minerals...fine fruit...maybe cpould have asked for more air...

but we were not listening after the first two.
Points 16.75

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