Monday, July 27, 2015

The Clarity Of Wittmann

    Wittmann Riesling Aulerde GG 2009
    Rheinhessen, Germany
    A 3 bottle offer on Ebay. Drank over a couple of days using the Corovin as there were other wines that needed attention also. This one slipped down beautifully. Easy to taste...all components in harmony. Apples....juicy ones. You may wish for more fruit and less acidity...or vice versa...depending on your love of Riesling...but sometimes it just seems to be exactly what you want on the gorgeous summer evenings. Wittmann's Morstein and Brunnenhauh√§uschen would have still been hard work...but Aulerde...simpler, without expecting too perfect now. 
    There is clarity in Wittmann Riesling...and I enjoy them.
    Points 17.25

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