Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hindsight...which for those who may not know...means being wiser after the event. Yes...I know you may have known...but the SMS gang don't read any more.

Case 1
Japanese Food
This was easy to change...just swill the glass and try them alternatively.

Erwin Sabathi Sauvignon Blanc Merveilleux 2011
South Styria, Austria

Flintstone...salty...crispy structure...spicy minerals...classic gooseberry...still lively.
Points 17.25

Ott Grüner Veltliner Stein 2011
Wagram, Austria
Known as the King of Grüner Veltliner...I find them MUCH TOO FAT in their youth...but this is the real thing. Stone fruits...again the spicy minerals which make the wines perfect for eastern food. Sweet melons....smokey...delicious fruit layers....even exotic.
Points 17.25

Case 2
Monthly Meeting
Supposed to be with 3 whites but Robert produced a red.

Volker offered his blind bottle first and made it all the more difficult for my
elegant layed-back Chardonnay. Sips of water in between...but the memory cells
still remind you of the first wine.

Kühling-Gillot Riesling Niersteiner Ölberg GG 2009
Rhgeinhessen, Germany

The up-front fruit and touch of Restsüß was a winner.
Points 17

Christian Zündel Chardonnay Dosso 2010
Tessin, Switzerland

Delicate...but real potential...complex...racy...creaminess developed.
Points 16.75
but more to come...

Have another bottle of this...will be treated more gently next time.

Case 3
La Fattoria

Meeting with Flo and his family at our favourite Italian Restaurant.
Flo who was with me in April at the Rebstock.
The Polz had knocked me out when I tried a lost bottle from my cellar a few months ago. Quite by chance...I found another odd bottle on a merchant's list.
The Keller Abtserde 2012 vintage in April had been very I decided Austria first...then Germany.

Polz Sauvignon Blanc Hochgrassnitzberg Reserve 2007
South Styria, Austria

What can I was perfect. Like a hedgehog dressed up for a glitzy ball...soft spiky minerals with velvety cream...and very silky. The nose threw up raspberries...bananas...the gooseberries showed on the palate. Polz claims his top wines can age for 10 years. At 7 years old it seems he knows what he saying. The fatness of youth has been whittled away.

Points 18

Keller Riesling Abtserde 2010
Rheinhessen, Germany
Did this suffer after the top Styria...maybe...but I found this full of unreadiness at first.

We worked on it...citrus and apple fruit...Keller's Riesling wines are very dressing up...take me as I should be taken...acidity still quite dominant...layers of hidden can feel this will be very fine indeed.
Just not at the moment...tasted before the Polz may have given it a better marking.
Points 17.5

Food was, as usual, great.

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