Monday, December 31, 2012

Nobody's Perfect

Someone asked recently if I ever drank a bad wine in recent years.
The answer was 'not if I could help it'
With all the years of experience...I should never have to drink a 'bad 'un'.
Blanc de Roc d'Anglade 2005
Remy Pedrano,
Anglade, France

However...I was caught out recently...with a wine I had tried a few times over 4 years had impressed...and my notes had been to maybe lay the last bottle down and see how it improved. For red wines 4-5 years will not harm...but the years have flown by...and the white I chose to share with buddy Volker at our local Bistro was not keeping it's age well. It had a slightly oxidised smell...and so I was on my bicycle for the short ride home to get a substitute.

Velich Tiglat Chardonnay 2009
Neusiedlersee, Austria

Honey...caramel...the nose is intriguing...a glass grower...excellent balance of acidity and fruit...long in the mouth...
the bicycle ride had been worth it and Volker gave it
Points 18

The red wine chosen was down to a quick phone call to the property. Herr Becker advised it was perfect to drink now
Friedrich Becker
Steinwingert Spätburgunder 2007
Pfalz, Germany

My tip...when drinking Becker not compare them with another red alongside. My experience is...with the soft style...a comparison with
a more 'sturdy' style would leave the Becker wine showing TOO much cream and vanilla. Alone...they are a delight...with the nose here so enticing...a soft creamy layer on the palate...and a gentle ripple of tannins. Herr Becker was right...for drinking now.
Points 17.25


Edward said...

Could you ride your bike in a straight line though!

Barry said...


How would I know?

Alex said...

Too bad for the Roc d'Anglade. I only had it young for now. Good to know it doesn't age too well.
Happy New Year, Alex

Barry said...

Alex...the Roc was super a few years ago...and I really thought it would hold up. I did try a bottle last year and do not remember the sign of age in this one.