Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gault & Millau 1 v Eichelmamm 0

A question...this Weingut is mentioned regularly in one of the 2 German Wine Guides. Gault & Millau give it 3 Bunches of Grapes. The other one...Eichelmann does not give it a mention.  Surely not 'politics' or some misunderstanding!? is Eichelmann's loss...
There are plans for a new cellar at the property.  Thomas Nelles is slowly passing the reins over to his son Philip
1479 was the birth year of the property. His top Spätburgunder is the B52..2009 was a re-order recently..this B48 being the next one down...but only just...
Nelles Heimersheimer Landskrone
B48 Spätburgunder 2009
Ahr, German
I really like the Nelles style...the fruit just leaps at you from the glass...OK...there is oak...but not overdone. It spends time is small Barriques and has a rounded tannin feel...vanilla and winter spices...AND...something that happens seldom....I almost finished the bottle in one slips down beautifully...and the small glass next day was still delicious. Re-ordered...Tie my hands behind my back...or they won't be around too long!
Points 17.5


Detlef said...

Weingut Nelles is mentioned in
Eichelmann 2007 on page 480: Weingut Nelles, 3 stars.
ad multos annos

Detlef said...


in Eichelmann 2007 Weingut Nelles is mentioned on page 480 with 3 stars