Monday, May 16, 2011

Notes 1

With all that is going on at the moment I am still in the phase of not taking too many notes as I drink. Mind you...I have never been one to write 'books' on any wine. I try to put over a 'feel' for it and the blog should also be of interest, not only to wine lovers, but anyone else. You can probably describe most wine with a basic 10 words...although that would put all WE Bloggers out of work.
Chateau de la Negly La Falaise 2005
Languedoc, France
I have been invited, by a fellow wine blogger, to a blind tasting of Syrah wines at the end of the month. My bottle to take has not yet been completely I was hovering around the South of France part of my cellar and saw I still had one bottle of this. It would maybe have got disqualified if I had taken it as it is only 60%'s friends Grenache & Mouvedre are in there.
No sign of age...deep brooding...a great layer of sweet cassis fruit...this is almost porty...14.5% which needs plenty of air. This begs to be shared with friends...or left overnight...where it shows a wild berry fruit.
Points 17

Vie di Romans Flors di Uis 2006
Friuli, Italy
One on my favourite Sauvignon Blanc comes from this property....and there is a bottle each of the 2004 & 2005 Vintages in my cellar.
This single bottle of their more basic white has been pulled in and out over the last few weeks. Maybe put back with the thought I had left it too long and didn't fancy an aged oak glass of white.
The colour would frighten anyone...but this always seemed to have been deep gold...smokey, burnt toast at first...honey...spicy oak...medium weighted...I find this just about right.
I guess the good cellaring could have made a I know a few people said it is past it's best. Not so here...The oily texture reminds one of a white Chateauneuf-du-Pape...delightful fruit and some minerals even on the palate.
Left overnight I ended up with a bunch of liquid bananas. A real nice surprise...
Points 16.75

Klumpp 2008 Pinot Noir ***
Baden, Germany
Sometimes the best promoted vintage does not always win. I bought a bottle of the 2008 from the property and enjoyed it's earthy fruit...which reminded me more of Württemberg than Baden...hardly surprising considering that the Weingut is to the north. I managed to find a 2007 version but found the wine to be maybe too smooth...missing the zip of the 2008. Trying to make up a case of 6 from a shop I saw the 2008 again...and here we are...full circle.
Black pepper...spices...dry hay...bacon...smoke...and blackberries. Elegant structure. Again....I left some in the bottle...and next evening the mid-palate had filled out...some vanilla traces...perfect balance...
Points 17
My wife prepared a dish I rarely eat at an Italian Restaurant...she does it better...
Saltimbocca alla Romana


Simon Jones said...

I like the "Chateau Barry" in the background of the photo of that Klumpp wine!

Barry said...

Hi Simon....yes....the 1993...I also have the 1994...heaven knows how it tasted...or tastes...some things best left a mystery!